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Cabuya and surroundings

El Higuéron
, remarkable strangler Fig of more than 40 meters high, waiting for you on the road of the village. It is considered the largest tree in Costa Rica and is home to many species in its branches.

Cabuya is a fishing village many people go there to buy their fresh fish directly at the inhabitant. The village also has a bakery, shops, and several restaurants. You can even find craft beer y chocolate looking for a bit.

Natural pools

At the entrance of Cabuya, you will pass on a small bridge overhanging natural pools joining the Pacific Ocean, they welcome many birds and other species and are very popular during hot weather.
    Cabuya Island

At low tide you can walk to the small island of Cabuya where you will find a sandy beach, places for snorkeling and the small village cemetery. Be careful not to be surprised by the rising waters.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve

At the exit of Cabuya, at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, is Costa Rica's oldest protected park, spread over 12 km2 of land and 17 km2 of ocean, its humid microclimate makes forests always green. The park also includes pristine beaches and numerous islets that are home to many birds.

Los Cedros and surroundings

Beautiful sandy beach on the road to Montezuma, ideal for a day of calm relaxation. A river ends its route for the greatest happiness of the children.



Les cataratas de Montezuma, a walk along the river will lead you to several refreshing waterfalls, good shoes are a plus.

Many sandy beaches await you in Montezuma, do not miss to get there the village is very bohemian. Many restaurants and shops await you. And the playa Grande is ideal for surfing.


Santa Teresa

More touristy, Santa Teresa will dazzle you by its splendid beach of fine sand. There are many shops, bars and entertainment.